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How to administrate your first company

ArticlesPosted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-11-05 17:25

Well, now you created a company, and your are “world champion” and very proud. As all of us was when we made the first company.

What makes a company successful?. Very simple things. Divide the success criteria into the following bullet points.

1. Sales is important but cashflow will make you stay alive.

2. Moving forward is important, but patience is crucial.

3. No employee will EVER work as hard as you, respect that and accept it.

4. To keep a client is harder than getting a client.

5. Service is NOT for free.

6. Only deliver products and service that yourself would buy.

7. Believe in the original idea. Never do dramatic changes.

8. Ref. 7 Stay with CORE business.

9. Have a good team around you.

10. NEVER be greedy. Money is NOT the motivation factor.

These are fundamentals and will make you survive. If you have evaluated your idea through your trusted network of people. It is good enough. When you go bankrupt, and you possibly will, then it is just up on the horse again.

Fancy titles have never moved a company forward, but human behavior, service, understanding and hard work has. Never forget that.

Nobody is born with a talent, Talent comes with passion, believe and hard work. Always treat everybody with respect and you will succeed.

Trust in your self. Don’t follow the rules, but follow the law.

I wish you LUCK! You will succeed, with these few fundamentals.

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