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Thomas Thejlade

Don’t think about winning or losing – Think about winning and learning

ArticlesPosted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-10-02 19:05

This principle can be applied to any aspects of life. Relationships, work and sports, just to mention some. If you concentrate on winning all the time, you can never be a perfect student. A student do not win in the profession the student just entered. It is impossible to be the best from the beginning. You have to learn.

When you go to a speech, where the key speaker speaks about your main subject, you get impressed, and sometimes you want to be like this person, or you even give up a little bit, because you think the mountain is to high to climb.

Some sports practitioners, like jiujitsu do not understand when they enter the gym first time, they will get into submission. For many years they lose the battle on the mat.

Some people are reading magazines of successful people. Arnold Schwarzenegger had successful carriers in 3 disciplines!!! Sport, acting and politics. How do you beat that? You don’t! You learn. Do not try to win all the time, but learn and then win.

How to get all this success and “winnings” without giving up?

1. Accept you are always a student of your craft.

2. Never put in emotions or feelings into your goal while performing towards the goal.

3. Take advices and observe how the experts are doing it.

4. Educate yourself and look at other students.

When I was training to be a business man, I made the biggest mistake. I always said “I never take advices” I was self assured and behaved like a teenager, who thought I know everything.

I was terribly wrong. Now I know I am always a student, even with 30 years experience. There is always somebody who can advice. Always.

Why do I write this? Well, because after working with outsourcing for more than 15 years, I can see what outsourcing do. It helps us go around the above mentioned problems. By outsourcing you get access to the best of the best. No doubt. Plus you have the freedom to exchange the resources, if you see the project is not on the right track.

So outsource and eliminate the problems in an effective way.

Best regards

Thomas Thejlade

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