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Why is it so important to release?

ArticlesPosted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-09-10 14:11

When you have an idea for an APP (IOS/Android). You very often think about this idea for very long time.

Then you start to make small sketches on paper, and finally in a document. Now it is time to find a developer. Here you have many alternatives. You can hire a developer. To hire a developer, meaning, and employee, you need a legal entity. It can be a hassle and in many countries it is not just to create a legal entity.

Our clients are typically from Denmark, Norway and the UK. In these countries it is fortunately very simple to create a legal entity. Well, back to the employee; if you hire one and have a legal entity, you have to be prepared for some administrative work, paying salary and taxes plus plus. I will not recommend this in a start-up.

What I will recommend is either to find a freelancer or to outsource. Outsourcing is an excellent idea. There are so many possibilities and the responsibility of the recruited developer lies in the hands of the outsourcing company. Believe me, when things are getting problematic, you will be happy for this solution.

Okay, now we have a developer, that has to understand your idea. Here it is very important to understand, that nobody from outside will work as hard as you, in your premisses. You will be the hardest working person, as you are the owner, and have kind of "feelings" towards the APP you are making. It is your "baby". So one of the biggest mistake startups are doing, is they dont understand that the hired in developers or other staff are not working day and night like you do.

One thing is to see the solution in a word document, or powerpoint presentation or where ever, another thing is to see it on a mobile screen. Then the changes are coming. But be aware of that the more changes you make, the longer it takes to launch. I have seen many examples of fantastic ideas, but when the "owner" of the project saw it on the mobile screen, they started to be creative and introduced a lot of design changes. Which is fair enough. But an APP is only worth something if it is launched.

So, when you consider making an APP please be aware you can drown in changes and the APP will never be launched. Make a so called MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and launch it. Then people can see what you are doing and you are in the market place.

It is also important you do marketing on the most effective social media for this kind of things. Before you start you have to look at the local favourites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so forth. In Denmark Facebook is very dominant. In Poland LinkedIn is very dominant.

So my main advice is to launch launch and launch. Nothing happens. Of course some sceptics will say that it can destroy your business if you dont launch a perfect APP in first shot. But this is impossible, because you need the user feedback for making a perfect solution. The only way to get user feedback is to launch.

I hope this brief article will help you. Please visit or contact me directly on Skype: thomthej or phone +45 42 83 50 55.

Best regards and have a nice day.

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