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Thomas Thejlade

How to start a company

ArticlesPosted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-11-02 07:42

First of all, do not be motivated by money. Be honest to yourself and realize you will not make any money the first period.

Maybe you will even have to sell your home and live in a basement for some time. I know many start-ups, where the owner had to sell everything and live in a limited space for a while, and eat things I cant even name.

Be motivated by your idea. Do not give up. It takes very long time to be established. Be aware of that. The most important thing is you are doing it and feel free and happy.

I had many downfalls, but was never unhappy. I made a million and lost it again, several times. But I am free and happy.

Also ask, ask ask ask, always take advices and listen to others. When we are 16 years old, we think we know everything. But when you get older you actually find out you have to know more. Once I talked to a graduate doctor, and he told me, when he was studying he felt like God. When he graduated, he found out how much more he had to learn.

Remember theory is NOT knowledge, experience is.

So to make it short. Learn as you go, ask as you progress, see what others are doing as you face obstacles. Always remember, NOTHING is impossible!