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Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2017-01-01 11:21

Hej jeg hedder Thomas og har mange års erfaring indenfor udvikling af software, virksomhedsledelse, kriseramte virksomheder, start-ups mv.

Jeg tilbyder en fri sparring sammen med mine samarbejdspartnere som omfatter en PWC partner, en Bank Direktør (private banking) og en erfaren musik producent (vundet guld og platinium).

De partnere der deltager bestemmes udfra det du vil sparre om.

Det foregår sen eftermiddag efter 18:00 via Skype. Der tilbydes 10 runder af 20 min.

Du kan tilmelde dig via en personlig besvarelse på til mig. Første runde er fra og med 3.1.2017 kl 18:00. Skriv hvilken dag og tidspunkt (gerne alternativer) og emnet du ønsker at sparre omkring.


De bedste hilsner







S: thomthej

M: +45 42 83 50 55

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How to administrate your first companyArticles

Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-11-05 17:25

Well, now you created a company, and your are “world champion” and very proud. As all of us was when we made the first company.

What makes a company successful?. Very simple things. Divide the success criteria into the following bullet points.

1. Sales is important but cashflow will make you stay alive.

2. Moving forward is important, but patience is crucial.

3. No employee will EVER work as hard as you, respect that and accept it.

4. To keep a client is harder than getting a client.

5. Service is NOT for free.

6. Only deliver products and service that yourself would buy.

7. Believe in the original idea. Never do dramatic changes.

8. Ref. 7 Stay with CORE business.

9. Have a good team around you.

10. NEVER be greedy. Money is NOT the motivation factor.

These are fundamentals and will make you survive. If you have evaluated your idea through your trusted network of people. It is good enough. When you go bankrupt, and you possibly will, then it is just up on the horse again.

Fancy titles have never moved a company forward, but human behavior, service, understanding and hard work has. Never forget that.

Nobody is born with a talent, Talent comes with passion, believe and hard work. Always treat everybody with respect and you will succeed.

Trust in your self. Don’t follow the rules, but follow the law.

I wish you LUCK! You will succeed, with these few fundamentals.

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How to start a companyArticles

Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-11-02 07:42

First of all, do not be motivated by money. Be honest to yourself and realize you will not make any money the first period.

Maybe you will even have to sell your home and live in a basement for some time. I know many start-ups, where the owner had to sell everything and live in a limited space for a while, and eat things I cant even name.

Be motivated by your idea. Do not give up. It takes very long time to be established. Be aware of that. The most important thing is you are doing it and feel free and happy.

I had many downfalls, but was never unhappy. I made a million and lost it again, several times. But I am free and happy.

Also ask, ask ask ask, always take advices and listen to others. When we are 16 years old, we think we know everything. But when you get older you actually find out you have to know more. Once I talked to a graduate doctor, and he told me, when he was studying he felt like God. When he graduated, he found out how much more he had to learn.

Remember theory is NOT knowledge, experience is.

So to make it short. Learn as you go, ask as you progress, see what others are doing as you face obstacles. Always remember, NOTHING is impossible!

Never forgetArticles

Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-10-04 07:51

The only Boss you have, is the Client.......NEVER forget that
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Don’t think about winning or losing – Think about winning and learningArticles

Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-10-02 19:05

This principle can be applied to any aspects of life. Relationships, work and sports, just to mention some. If you concentrate on winning all the time, you can never be a perfect student. A student do not win in the profession the student just entered. It is impossible to be the best from the beginning. You have to learn.

When you go to a speech, where the key speaker speaks about your main subject, you get impressed, and sometimes you want to be like this person, or you even give up a little bit, because you think the mountain is to high to climb.

Some sports practitioners, like jiujitsu do not understand when they enter the gym first time, they will get into submission. For many years they lose the battle on the mat.

Some people are reading magazines of successful people. Arnold Schwarzenegger had successful carriers in 3 disciplines!!! Sport, acting and politics. How do you beat that? You don’t! You learn. Do not try to win all the time, but learn and then win.

How to get all this success and “winnings” without giving up?

1. Accept you are always a student of your craft.

2. Never put in emotions or feelings into your goal while performing towards the goal.

3. Take advices and observe how the experts are doing it.

4. Educate yourself and look at other students.

When I was training to be a business man, I made the biggest mistake. I always said “I never take advices” I was self assured and behaved like a teenager, who thought I know everything.

I was terribly wrong. Now I know I am always a student, even with 30 years experience. There is always somebody who can advice. Always.

Why do I write this? Well, because after working with outsourcing for more than 15 years, I can see what outsourcing do. It helps us go around the above mentioned problems. By outsourcing you get access to the best of the best. No doubt. Plus you have the freedom to exchange the resources, if you see the project is not on the right track.

So outsource and eliminate the problems in an effective way.

Best regards

Thomas Thejlade

Why is it so important to release?Articles

Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-09-10 14:11

When you have an idea for an APP (IOS/Android). You very often think about this idea for very long time.

Then you start to make small sketches on paper, and finally in a document. Now it is time to find a developer. Here you have many alternatives. You can hire a developer. To hire a developer, meaning, and employee, you need a legal entity. It can be a hassle and in many countries it is not just to create a legal entity.

Our clients are typically from Denmark, Norway and the UK. In these countries it is fortunately very simple to create a legal entity. Well, back to the employee; if you hire one and have a legal entity, you have to be prepared for some administrative work, paying salary and taxes plus plus. I will not recommend this in a start-up.

What I will recommend is either to find a freelancer or to outsource. Outsourcing is an excellent idea. There are so many possibilities and the responsibility of the recruited developer lies in the hands of the outsourcing company. Believe me, when things are getting problematic, you will be happy for this solution.

Okay, now we have a developer, that has to understand your idea. Here it is very important to understand, that nobody from outside will work as hard as you, in your premisses. You will be the hardest working person, as you are the owner, and have kind of "feelings" towards the APP you are making. It is your "baby". So one of the biggest mistake startups are doing, is they dont understand that the hired in developers or other staff are not working day and night like you do.

One thing is to see the solution in a word document, or powerpoint presentation or where ever, another thing is to see it on a mobile screen. Then the changes are coming. But be aware of that the more changes you make, the longer it takes to launch. I have seen many examples of fantastic ideas, but when the "owner" of the project saw it on the mobile screen, they started to be creative and introduced a lot of design changes. Which is fair enough. But an APP is only worth something if it is launched.

So, when you consider making an APP please be aware you can drown in changes and the APP will never be launched. Make a so called MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and launch it. Then people can see what you are doing and you are in the market place.

It is also important you do marketing on the most effective social media for this kind of things. Before you start you have to look at the local favourites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so forth. In Denmark Facebook is very dominant. In Poland LinkedIn is very dominant.

So my main advice is to launch launch and launch. Nothing happens. Of course some sceptics will say that it can destroy your business if you dont launch a perfect APP in first shot. But this is impossible, because you need the user feedback for making a perfect solution. The only way to get user feedback is to launch.

I hope this brief article will help you. Please visit or contact me directly on Skype: thomthej or phone +45 42 83 50 55.

Best regards and have a nice day.

Work related anxiety and stressArticles

Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-09-10 13:46

Most of us has been there. Coming home from a long day at work. Feel the pressure in our chest. Feeling annoyed and easy to fire up.

When you start your own company, a lot of challenges which you are not used to, come to the surface. Just get use to it and look at it as a business. We all worry if we have income enough for next month bills, when we start a company. Of course you lucky ones that have a strong investor are not worried. But not all of us are so fortunate to have a strong investor, or dont want one, so we work it off.

I have been an advisor for many years (15+), for small and medium sized start-ups. Some with strong investors, some with none.

What I have learned, is that outsourcing is the key. In the beginning, of course, you do everything yourself. But when orders are coming, you cannot. It is impossible. Very often the client are buying "YOU" not the actual product. As it is you who is out there, selling.

I admit that I had have many ups and downs. Many periods of anxiety, could not sleep and so forth. What I did to avoid all this was outsourcing and a strong circle of trust worthy people to ask and get advice from.

We have now basically outsourced everything we can. Bookkeeping, Development, transportion, storage etc.

We have projects from some of the largest IT companies in Denmark and the UK.

It made my sleepless night, sleepy. So now I sleep. Stress and other side effects of not having full control has disappeared and now I can concentrate what is important and bring profits.

I work for APiD.ONE, whom specializes in outsourcing. It has helped me a lot. I am a partner in the company.

You can have a free consultation and advisory on Skype: thomthej or call me on +45 42 83 50 55. And we talk and find a solution. Please feel free to visit, to view companies we are dealing with and how.

Kind regards and I wish you a nice day.

How to recruite remote developersArticles

Posted by Thomas Thejlade 2016-09-10 13:45

Today many countries are having troubles finding employees. If I use Denmark as an example. Here is a high demand for APP, Web and web shop developers. The problem is very often, that history have told us that remote developers are hard to communicate with and nearly impossible to control. It is like not transparent enough what they are doing. Not all have this experience, but if you are a small entity, it can be hard.

Unfortunately many companies, including my own, have had some not optimal experience leasing remote developers from China, India, South america and other places. Do not get me wrong, these people are highly competent and very good programmers. It is often the mangement of the project that, sometimes can create unfortunate situation.

When the geographical distance is an issue, and the cultural difference are vast, it can be very abstract to understand, the priorities and considerations made from both sides. Therefor, according to my experience, chose by location and culture.

Why is this? Well, when you start a development project, communication is the key. If you have too long distances and have to deal with time difference. I can assure you that having a meeting about complex paradigms and solutions at 10 PM is not an optimal situation. You are tired after a long day at work, and it is hard to concentrate. Meetings can take up to several hours and you are in bed after midnight.

I have been doing outsourcing for many years now. Travelling the world to find the optimal solution. My opinion is:

  1. Long distance; have a local coordinator, that is in charge of the legal entity far away.
  2. Chose short distances; short travel route. Example Denmark->Poland, UK->Poland.
  3. Find places where the cultures do not differ to much. Communication will be easier.
  4. Even if the prices per hour is a little bit higher with close location. When something goes wrong (at it often do when developing software) it is easier to visit and clear things up.
  5. Conf calls, in working hours. You are clear and fresh.

When I was looking for remote development, I have tried China, India even Brazil. They are good people and very skilled, but communication was not optimal.

Based on my experience I started my own recruitment and leasing company, for remote development 10 years ago, in Poland. I am a Danish citizen, but have moved to Poland, so we can service our target group in same language and same culture. Poland is well known for excellent programmers, good language skills. Actually Poland is on top 3 list of the countries with best game and technical developers.

I hope this small guide will help, it is based on 15 years experience, in the remote developer market. From both sides, both as a client and now as a vendor.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards and have a nice day.